Cotton Silk Pure Handprint Madhubani Saree

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Saree Name : Cotton Silk Pure Handprint Madhubani Saree

Saree Fabric: Cotton Silk

Saree Color: Yellow

Blouse: Blouse

Saree Length:6.5 M

Blouse Length: 0.8 M

Wash And Care: Normal Wash Only

Dispatch Timeline: 3 to 4 Working Days

Delivery Time: Delivery Within 7 to 10 Days From The Date Of Dispatch

Shipping: Free Shipping

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The Cotton Silk Pure Handprint Madhubani Saree is a meticulously crafted piece of traditional Indian clothing that beautifully blends the elegance of silk with the comfort of cotton. The saree features intricate handprints inspired by the Madhubani art form, which is a traditional folk painting style from the Mithila region of Bihar, India. This exquisite saree showcases the rich cultural heritage of India through its artistic motifs and designs.

Key Features:

Material: The saree is made from a blend of cotton and silk, offering the best of both fabrics. The silk adds a luxurious sheen and drape, while the cotton ensures a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

Handmade Print: Each design on the saree is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using the Madhubani painting technique. This technique involves using natural dyes and pigments to create intricate patterns and motifs that tell stories from mythology, nature, and daily life.

Saree Length: The saree measures 6.5 meters in length, allowing for graceful draping and pleating. This generous length provides versatility in draping styles and is suitable for various occasions.

Blouse: The saree comes with a complementary blouse piece that can be tailored to your size and style preferences. You have the creative freedom to design a blouse that complements the saree’s aesthetics.

Soft and Comfortable: The blend of cotton and silk ensures that the saree is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, making it suitable for both formal events and casual gatherings.

Cultural Significance: Madhubani art has a rich cultural significance and is deeply rooted in Indian heritage. By wearing this saree, you not only adorn yourself with a beautiful garment but also express an appreciation for traditional art forms.

Occasions: This saree is a versatile choice that can be worn on various occasions, such as weddings, festivals, parties, and cultural events. Its unique handprint design and blend of fabrics make it stand out and create a lasting impression.

In summary, the Cotton Silk Pure Handprint Madhubani Saree is a masterpiece that combines the beauty of handcrafted Madhubani art with the comfort and elegance of cotton and silk fabrics. It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate artistry, cultural heritage, and timeless fashion.

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Cotton Silk Pure Handprint Madhubani Saree
Original price was: ₹2,300.00.Current price is: ₹1,150.00.
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